How to enable multi-factor authentication in Yandex Mail


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To enable multi-factor authentication in Yandex Mail:

Go to the top right of your Yandex inbox, click your email address, and then click Passport:

Yandex Passport.jpg

On your Personal Information page, click Access Management:

Yandex Access Management.jpg

Next, click the slider to enable two factor authentication, then click the yellow Get Started button:

Yandex Two-factor authentication.jpg

Click the yellow Send Code button, then enter the code that was sent to your phone:

Yandex Confirm Code.jpg

Last, type in a unique pin code that you don't use anywhere else.

Please do not use a simple pin such as current year, birthday year, or a string of sequential numbers.

After installing the Yandex Key app, type in a one time use password and click Enable.

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