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Sunday evening I turned on my yahoo email account to find out ALL OF my emails were gone!!! Please help me find them. My wife was on my computer , but does not know what she did. She is learning-slowly!!!
Pleae advise, thank you, R M M


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Sorry, but it is not possible to recover permanently deleted emails from a Yahoo account.

It's possible they were moved to a folder. Check all of your folders.

Also, just in case it wasn't your wife, but someone else who access to your account, you should take a few minutes to change your password, security question & answer, and verify that your alternate email address and password reset options are under your control.

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I can't really help here, since Ray knows a lot more about this than I, but 1) if you have a premium account with Yahoo they should be able to help, since it's unlikely (isn't it ?) that they have completely removed all emails from their system yet, even if they were 'permanently deleted' by someone, and 2) that brings up the question of whether someone who doesn't know much yet about computers could actually have performed the detailed maneuvers of (a) selecting all emails in all folders, (b) moving them to the trash and (c) selecting all emails in that folder and deleting them permanently, all the while "not knowing what she did."

IOW, I realize that any explanation must account for all emails in all folders getting (re)moved, but even if all your emails were sitting in one folder (the inbox ?) I think Ray must surely be correct that possibly they were simply somehow moved to another folder (trash ? spam ?). At least I hope that's all that happened !