Lost emails from Inbox


New Email
I switched from Ymail to Gmail. My main reason was that The right hand side was blocked or filled with advertisements, which so it was hard to read my email on a small screen. So far I have these problems.

1. I thought Gmail would automatically load my mail from Ymail. Sometimes it does and most of the time it doesnot. I went into settings and thought I set it so it would automatically load but it will not load (usually) unless I going to setting and import the mail manually.

2. This is the biggest problem now. All the mail in my inbox from May 16, 2016 to May 16, 2015 has disappeared. I looked on both Gmail and Ymail and it is not there. I had a lot of important emails in my Inbox. I think at least some of them are in my Trash. However, right after it happened, they were not there as I checked. I tried puttin some of them back but only about a weeks worth go back at a time. How can I transfer them all at once. This is a year's worth.

The weird thing is that I have my Gmail from the present until April 20 and all the ones before that disappeared. All the ones I previously imported from Yahoo were there but I lost the ones from both yahoo and gmail on the same day. I do remember that the computer had low memory on that day and I did run a SuperAntiSpyware malware scan but I don't know why that would cause me to lose all my emails. I lost a whole years of emails in Ymail and 11 months in Gmail.

3. How can I go from message to message without going back to my Inbox. I delete a message and it goes back tothe Inbox instead of my next message. I thought I did not like Ymail but so far this experience is terrible.

Does anyone know how to fix these problems so I can continue working?