Random sent emails that never arrive, lost emails and other oddities. Help!


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Hi folks,

I am a little clueless about what is going with my email.

I do have a private email hosted at Bluehost (where my domain is)

I am using the Office 365 subscription, I have been for a couple years and only until lately, my life is becoming hell with all email issues.

Most of my customers receive my emails, but also some don't. They get back to me wondering about their order or email when it has been replied already. Also, I am feeling that (in terms of new customers through my contact forms) they are neither receiving emails. I have proven this because they do from my other google account.

To top it off. My junk filter stopped working. I did a clean removal (not just the uninstall, but used the tool) to wipe out the new office and install a new copy from my subscription Microsoft site. Problem persists.

How is it even possible for so many random emails getting lost? I do not get bounces, they just vanish, I guess... They appear in my sent folder as if they sent no issues... but they are not being received.

I have the same configurations as Bluehost guidelines... I did not change my ISP, it is the same one I have been using when I had no issues. This happens with clients with all emails, either private emails or big company ones (google, Hotmail, etc) There is no pattern, no sense. Just lost of revenue, customer service, and new clients.

I neither have links or selling stuff in my signature (I had before and it was always fine... but I removed it hoping it was the reason, but is not.)



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Switching to Thunderbird seemed to fix the issue.

So much for paying premium for Microshit 365
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What server settings were you and are you using now for your outgoing email? The Bluehost IP's might not be the best for sending email. Check your sender score. Also, for the missing emails, what do you the mail logs on your server say about them if you were mailing out your own server?


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I found that is Bluehost's IP address, banned in four places, spammers, not me of course. Seem to be sorting things out :)