my yahoo mail is sending random emails to everyone on my contact list.


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I hope someone can help me. My email has gone crazy? It all of a sudden started sending emails to everyone on my contact list. I have run a scan with my virus protection but don't find anything. The emails don't have anything except a link to websites that I have never been to or heard of before. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I really would appreciate it I've had to delete everyone in my contact list. Because they were receiving 7 to 15 email from my yahoo account a week. Again I need some help...Please


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Hi, Paula

Until Ray offers his expertise, let me make one suggestion: change your password immediately in case you've been hacked by someone using your account to send spam but who has not blocked you from having continued access. Also be sure that any "password recovery" options (like your 'alternate email address') haven't been changed.

Welcome !! I hope you get this sorted out !