Locked out of my original hotmail account


New Email
around the 20/11you informed me someone was trying to access my hotmail account. I believe you because the email message I was composing started to do odd things. Since then I've been locked out. I used my colleague's email address (oasislincs_jenni@hotmail.co.uk) but she failed to log onto the link you sent in time and the link expired. Since then my attempts to use the application process has not been successful because I think it's automated and the information I have goes back to 20/11 and looks too old

I have now created a new address (oasislincolnshire@hotmail.com) so I can at least log onto this forum. I'm at my wits end how to retrieve

The original emailed oasislincs@hotmail.com has been our main email address since our charity was created - the email addresses I regularly use are my colleagues (oasislincs_jenni@hotmail.co.uk) (oasislincs_linda@hotmail.com) or oasislincs_kim@hotmail.com and I've created many folders to do with our charity which is to do with substance misuse across Lincolnshire UK - folders are called Boston Business Centre, greet well place and Grantham etc

If you can help me retrieve access to the original emails address, that would be great. Thanks