Locked out of Hotmail need help asap!!


New Email
I got a msg saying "It looks like someone else might be using your account"
So i filled out the survey that said it would take 24 hours to get back to me after reviewing my answers.
Its been 48 hours and I haven't heard anything.
I need to get back into my hotmail account that Ive had for over 11 years.
Is there anyone who know how to fix this how to contact hotmail or anything?
Im desperate!!



Customer Service
If they sent you that message, you have most likely been hacked. They have many things to review and probably haven't gotten to yours yet. The best thing to do is to wait for their response since they initiated contact with you.

If you still need help AFTER they get back to you, you can try some things from the following link. Again, I would not follow any of these steps unless it is not resolved from their response.