Locked out of hotmail again


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Hi all,

Hotmail locked me out of my account and I have not received my code.

I have been trying constantly to get back in for over a day now. I filled out a form and they still haven't gotten back to me yet. I need to get into this account.

Several times a week I get an error message saying that 'there is suspicious activity' but they always send me the code to get back in except this time.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!



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Thank you for your help. I called the CS number, got disconnected called back and spoke to Christine. She cannot help me because there is no support for hotmail accounts. She said she would escalate my request. I told her no one has gotten back to me at all and I have been locked out for a week. She said they may not be able to verify my account and then will close it out. Unbelievable!:mad:


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Thanks for your reply.

I won't be using Hotmail anymore, can't have this happen again. Too much wasted time. Will stick to comcast and gmail accounts. At least comcast has support and gmail does too I think. Have a nice day.


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Yes, comcast will provide support as long as you are a customer.

Gmail accounts are nice (my free account preference), but there is the same limited support for free accounts issue.

If there is any email that requires support you'll want to look into your own domain name with email hosting, or a premium upgrade to one of the free mail services.

Hope that helps! -Ray


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Ray, Comcast is my ISP so that won't be a problem. Is Gmail as bad as Hotmail? I know Yahoo shut down some accounts on me once for not logging into them for a while without even telling me. So I do log in now. I only use one Comcast account, they give us seven. Probably will have to open up more. I have had luck with gmail support when I had a problem, but no host provider has ever locked me out. Several times a week hotmail locks me out saying 'there is suspicious activity' in my account. I don't know where they get that from at all. But they send the code and I'm good to go. This time they didn't send the code at all and then didn't reply to my email. But even to get to their email request form they make you jump through hoops asking the same questions over and over. They are useless and I won't be using hotmail every again. Thanks!


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Ray prefers gmail over all of the free ones out there. He has been trying to talk me into getting one for a few years now.

Since you won't be using hotmail anymore, this won't help you but it may help someone else. If you are getting an alert several times a week that there was suspicious activity on your account, you should immediately go in and reset EVERYTHING related to the account. You should change your password to a strong one, change all of your secret questions, AND set up as many back up options as possible for that provider. (some will allow you to use an alternate email AND a cell phone number to reset your password if you get locked out or hacked) Since there were alerts that there was suspicous activity on your account, that is a definite red flag that someone was using your account for spam or something else sinister.

Good luck with your new email! :)