Is AT&T's support always this non-exsistant?

Big Dan

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I run a vBulletin forum which sends out the standard topic reply and private messages notices via email. The forum is on it's own VPS with a dedicated IP. I know for sure that vBulletin is the only thing sending mail on this IP, I don't even use SMTP from this server.

Long story short, on and off for the past 4 months AT&T has been bouncing messages from my forum. Anything to an,, or address bounced back telling me the IP was blacklisted for abuse and to see AT&T for more information.

I submitted the request for removal form about 7 times over 4 months before I finally got a response and was delisted. As a precaution, I even had my host look at the mail logs to make sure nothing funky was going on.

If other providers were blacklisting the IP, I'd take it seriously but it was only AT&T who obviously has overzealous filtering in place. Anyway I'd ment to post about the situation here asking for advice but things got busy and I finally solved the problem.

Has anyone else had trouble with sending mail to AT&T servers?


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I've had to deal with their blacklist a couple times in the past (As an ISP mail admin, not a vB board owner) but they generally are not one of the places I have trouble with.

Cover the basics for your server :

  • Custom reverse DNS
  • TTL of 86400 seconds
  • Make sure you're the only one sending from that IP address
  • Turn off and remove subscriptions, receive mail from admin, and other notifications for accounts that have an email address that no longer works
  • Check the logs. Any unexpected incoming/outgoing email?