IP address I don't recognise in my login history!


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Have just received spam from myself, so as a precaution I went into my security settings in Yahoo! and changed passwords and security questions/answers. However, when I went into my login history I noticed that just 2 mins earlier the following IP address had accessed my account: Located in Sunnyvale, CA, USA (I'm in the UK so its not me!)
Please can someone reassure me that this is a Yahoo server?
If not its a **** hacker! :mad:

Hope someone can help


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Hi Vic,

That IP address has matching resolution for the DNS name r19.member.re3.yahoo.com.

It says Sunnyvale because that's what the Yahoo domain registration says :

Domain Administrator
Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale CA 94089
domainadmin@yahoo-inc.com +1.4083493300 Fax: +1.4083493301

What do the full Yahoo email headers say? It's a common spammer trick to send a spam To: and From: the recipients email address. The spam was likely not sent from your email account. The login history is odd, so I agree changing your password and other account reset information was a good idea.

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Hi Popowich,
Thanks for the welcome and your answer to my question. I was in a state of panic when I saw a different IP address. Thanks for looking it up for me though. Feel a bit silly that it was their Head Office ! :eek:

great forum. Will come here again next time I'm panicking about something :)

I didn't open the email to look at the full sender address, I trashed it as soon as I saw it.