I cannot send emails using AOL. I can only receive them.


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Good Morning

My Elderly Friend in her 80's living in Spain is using a Dell Tower 2002 PC. She cannot send any Email's using AOL but can receive Emails. She is using outlook express version 6 with her Outgoing Mail Server as SMTP, port no 587 & Incoming Mail Server as POP3, port no 995.Have tried changing port nos but that does not work either. She is ussing Windows XP with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. She is going to ugrade her Computer once Lockdown in Spain has been lifted.
AOL Email support is suspended during the Coronavirus Pandemic and Phone support is only for Residents living in USA or Canada. Her Email was working two weeks ago but she suddenly received these errors of 0x800CCCoB or error 0x800CCC0F on her screen, when trying to send an Email. We confirm that no settings have been changed in Outlook Express. We have tried doing want AOL says on their Website to correct these error to no avail. Any advice or assistance in Tutorial Form will be gratefully received

Thank You