Help?!? Cannot send emails from linked Hotmail Account


New Email
Hey guys,

So in the past couple of weeks i have been having an issue with my linked accounts. I have googled as much as i can without getting thorougly confused.

Ok so the problem is that i can recieve emails seemingly with no issues what so ever through my linked email. I will try to respond to them but i cannot. It will tell me that its sent but nothing will send and it will sit in my drafts box. Alternatively it was just give me an error message thats really generic.

I have checked the linked account settings. Signed into the other email and checked there. Everything seems to be fine. It is only when i try to send an email that i get the issue.

I can send and receive perfectly fine from my original account. Its just the linked one i am having issues sending only.

i am using the outlook app through Samsung S3 phone as well as on mac