I cannot open old stored hotmail emails


New Email
About 4 days ago i came to understand that i cannot open any email that was sent to me and stored in folders that i have created in my hotmail account the problem seems to start from some emails in 9/22/2009 and older

Nothing opens either on folders or in the inbox folder if i move it the message is always the same "There wasnt possible to find your email its either deleted or moved , click this file again to renew the view" i have tryied with firefox with internet explorer with windows mail (there it says it cannot connect with the folders) cleaned up the cache to everything and tryed to log from my laptop and different pc's in my work

Nothing seems to work. The strange thing is all the new emails i am getting are opening correctly

Please if anyone can suggest anything i would be gratefull as i got a lot of info there that i dont want to miss