cannot open some email attachments in yahoo

Rod Evans

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I was unable to import photos from my android phone to windows 10 on my laptop where there has not been a problem in the past. I saw a prompt to do a Windows 10 upgrade and thought that might fix the problem. unfortunately this caused major problems and upset everything. It has been suggested that the upgrade may not have been compatible. With my very limited computer knowledge I managed to do a reinstall to a previous date. I think there was a warning that said this may affect some apps...but I really didn't have any option as the system did not allow anything to work. After the reinstall the system seems to be back to normal however I cannot open attachments to emails. The warning has a lot of forward slashes listing different things also saying to ensure I have spelt the name right ?? what name ??
I am very old school and need someone to guidance on computer terminology. I have sought advice from other areas but cannot understand what they are saying to do or where to go to do it. What does the area below mean by multiple tags and create thread. I am not even sure how to send this message now ?