How to install the required services and packages for Horde+Imp webmail on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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I was recently tasked with building and helping to migrate our company Horde+Imp webmail from servers running Solaris 10 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4. I've been using both Solaris and Linux for many years now but ran into some trouble while trying to meet the secondary goal of making sure that all packages on the Linux servers were supported by yum and the Red Hat Network. My biggest obstacle was having both memcache and mcrypt for php supported at the same time. The following are the steps needed to install the requirements and several optional components for Horde+Imp after a standard 64bit RHEL 5.4 install with no additional packages has been completed.
  • Add the rpmforge yum repository :
  • yum install httpd php php-devel php-mysql php-pear php-imap php-dom php-gd php-mbstring spamassassin gcc rpm-build
  • yum install libmcrypt libmcrypt-devel memcached
  • yum install php-pecl-memcache php-pecl-fileinfo
  • pecl channel-update
  • pecl install json lzf fileinfo
  • scp the php-5.1.6-24.el5_4.5.src.rpm to /tmp
  • rpm -iv php-5.1.6-24.el5_4.5.src.rpm
  • cd /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
  • tar –zxvpf php-5.1.6.tar.gz
  • cd php-5.1.6/ext/mcrypt
  • phpize; aclocal; ./configure; make clean; make; make install
  • Update the end of /etc/php.ini with :
; Custom Modules​
  • Configure php.ini error_log to /tmp/php_errors.log
  • Configure php.ini memory limit for 64M
  • Configure php.ini upload_max_filesize and post_max_size to 30M
  • Configure httpd.conf ServerName DirectoryIndex and VirtualHosts
  • /etc/init.d/httpd start ; [FONT=&quot]/sbin/chkconfig httpd on
  • /etc/init.d/memcached start ; /sbin/[FONT=&quot]chkconfig memcached on
  • Check the horde test.php pages for problems
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