How to install a free COMODO certificate on

Email Service Provider
It is pretty easy to install a free COMODO certificate in our Safe-Mail system. Although we can provide you with a free certificate from Safe-Mail, it is only usable in the Safe-Mail network. So if you want to mail encrypted outside our network, you must have a certificate which is globally accepted and authorized. We will explain here how to do it.

  1. First, start using Firefox and log into your account. Why Firefox? So we can easily export the certificate after the process.
  2. Go to Free Secure Email Certificate and click Sign Up Now
  3. Fill in all details and when they ask for your email address fill in your Safe-Mail address. Don't forget the Revocation Password. With this password you can revoke your certificate in the future if you need it.
  4. Accept the terms and click on Next
  5. Your certificate request is being processed and within minutes you receive an email from COMODO in your Safe-Mail box.
  6. Now once again, be sure you use Firefox. Open the mail and click on the link provided in the mail.
  7. It brings you to a new page where you need to fill in your email address again and the Collection Password which has been provided in the mail
  8. If you use Firefox (dah) it will be automatically installed into your browser so we need to back it up now
  9. Go to the Preferences of your Firefox, click the Advanced tab and search for "View Certificates"
  10. At the Your Certificates tab, you will see the installed COMODO certificate. Click once on it and push Backup
  11. Save the file somewhere safe. It will ask you again to setup a password (in the file is your private key located, so take a strong password!)
  12. Now you have it saved, go back to your Safe-Mail, click Settings and then Certificates
  13. If you had a certificate issued by us, just delete it and push Import Certificate
  14. Browse for your just saved certificate and fill in the password you created when Firefox asked you when you saved it. And push OK.
  15. And there it is. Your own COMODO email certificate has been installed.

But remember, you can only mail encrypted to each other when you have the public key of the receiver. So you need their public key, but they also need to have yours. So let us explain how you can create a public key from your just installed certificate.

  1. Go to your Settings and then Certificates
  2. In the line where your certificate is, you have 3 options. The first one is exporting your public key. The second one is backup your whole certificate (that includes also your private key) and the third option is to delete it from the Safe-Mail system.
  3. So click the first option, push the download button and be sure it will be saved as a PEM version.
  4. Save it somewhere on your pc.
  5. Now mail the PEM file to your receiver and he/she can import it as a public certificate.
  6. He or she must do the same so you can import their PEM file.
  7. You're finished! You can now send your emails encrypted to each other. Also the emails are encrypted on the server as well.