How to folder new email from a pop3 account into an alternate inbox

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Are you checking both a Microsoft Exchange and pop3 account from your Microsoft Outlook? Without a quick rule to folder the incoming email into at least 2 different inboxes your email can quickly become a confusing clutter of messages. Your first thought might to to right click an email and create a rule but that screen does not have the options to create a good rule to solve this problem. To filter your incoming email into separate inbox folders please follow these steps :

  • Go to the Tools menu and select Rules and Alerts
Tools Rules Alerts.JPG
  • Click the new rule button, select start with a blank rule, and then click the next button
New Rule Start from a blank rule.JPG
  • Check the box for through the specified account and then click the specified link in the bottom box
  • Select your pop3 account name and click next two times
Specified pop3 account.JPG
  • Check the box for move it to the specified folder and then click the specified link in the bottom box
specified folder.JPG
  • Select or create a new folder to select and then click OK
  • Click next, click next, and then click finish.
Please note that this rule will only run from your Microsoft Outlook. It is a client side rule on your computer and not a server side rule that applies to your account. It will not be applied to any other computers that you are using Microsoft Outlook from to access your email.


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Is there a way to have it go to several folders from the same email account. I have a folder for each state of the USA for clients and it is timely to put them in each of their folders. When a client fills out the form it indicates their state can Outlook recognize a word such as a state word and can I direct it to go there. :hammer:

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Yes, when at the step for selecting the account for the rule also select the rule for when the sender contains the specified words :

Specific Sender Outook Rules.JPG