How to disable the list of suggested email addresses provided by Hotmail


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When you compose a new email in Hotmail their web page may suggest a large number of email addresses to you as you are typing email addresses into the To: field. Although it is not possible to disable this behavior, even by disabling auto-complete in your web browser, it is possible to significantly limit the number of suggested email addresses by following these steps :

  • Go to the top right of your Hotmail inbox and click Options
Hotmail Options.JPG
  • Under Customizing Hotmail select Advanced Privacy Settings
Hotmail Advanced Privacy Settings.JPG
  • Click the radio button for Only suggest people in my contact list
Hotmail Only Suggest people in my contact list.JPG
  • Click Save
Going forward only contacts, and not email addresses that you have corresponded with, will be suggested by hotmail when composing a new email.


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Re: How to disable the list of suggested email address provided by Hotmail


Thanks so much for your help. I just tried it and, as you knew, your solution worked.



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That is a decent reply. In fact, I think you are correct in saying that if you following the procedure outlined that the contacts will be removed from the To: box.

I appreciate your time in response. I can assure there is no harm or wrong doing coming about as a result of your advice,