How to create an HTML Signature in Eudora

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The following are the steps needed to create an HTML Signature in Eudora.

First, open Eudora and select Signatures from the Tools menu.

In the left window right click on Standard and select Edit.

You must enter actual HTML code to use an HTML signature.

I used this code:

<br /><br /><br />
Do you have an <a href="">E-Mail Question</a>?  
<br /><br />
Let us help you answer it today in our <a href="">E-Mail Forum</a>!
To create this signature:

Do you have an E-Mail Question?

Let us help you answer it today in our E-Mail Forum!
When you are done editing the HTML select Save from the File menu to save your changes.

After your signature is saved check your settings and verify that your signature is being appended to both new e-mail and e-mail replies.

Go to the Tools menu and select Options. Within the Composing Mail options select Standard in the signature menu, and within the Replying options check the option for Include Signature in Reply.

The next time you compose or reply to an e-mail your signature will be attached.