How to create an HTML Signature with Pictures in Microsoft Outlook 2007

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To create a signature with pictures in Microsoft Outlook 2007 create an HTML format file with your favorite editor, save the file with the pictures, and configure Outlook to attach that file as your signature. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Open your My Documents folder
  2. Click into the Application Data folder
  3. Click into the Microsoft folder
  4. Click into the Stationery folder
  5. Save your HTML format signature file into the Stationery folder

  1. Open outlook 2007
  2. Go to the Tools menu and select Options
  3. Select Mail format, then
  4. Select Stationery and Fonts
  5. Select Email Signature
  6. Select Theme
  7. Choose a Theme
  8. Highlight and select to choose your default signature file
  9. Click OK 3 times to return to your main outlook screen
  10. Create a new email message to test your new email signature
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