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Pluto Mail Review
Jun 18, 2014 - 1:12 PM - by popowich
popowich's Avatar Pluto Mail is an email system that supports automatically expiring email messages that self destruct after a predetermined time.

This functionality appears to work because after sending an email an image of the original message text is sent to the sender allowing the editing and expiration of an email to be controlled by the Pluto Mail service.

Sending an email from Pluto Mail works like and has the basic options... [Read More]
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» Email Questions
  Title, Username, & Date Last Post Forum
emails disappear while composing
4 Hours Ago 09:23 AM
by popowich
Help Desk
How to expand Bcc recipients list
21 Hours Ago 03:50 PM
by mimi63
Help Desk
How to bounce back email to sender , fake bounce or real?
1 Day Ago 12:25 PM
by popowich
Help Desk
Quota Warning Problem
1 Day Ago 03:58 AM
by Henry
Lost Hotmail Emails from Inbox
1 Day Ago 09:10 PM
by vikki0706
Help Desk
How to get an invite to Pluto Mail
2 Days Ago 11:44 AM
by popowich
ISP and Free Email Support Forums
How to easily maintain multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously
2 Days Ago 11:42 AM
by popowich
Help Desk
2 Days Ago 11:29 AM
by velen11
Help Desk
Line not showing up
2 Days Ago 11:27 AM
by velen11
Help Desk
How often should I change my email password?
2 Days Ago 11:22 AM
by popowich
Email Discussions
Anyway to see all the emails I've ever created?
2 Days Ago 11:12 AM
by velen11
font too small Can't read on my hotmail account
2 Days Ago 10:56 AM
by velen11
Help Desk
Hotmail Alternate Account Problem
2 Days Ago 10:55 AM
by velen11
Help Desk
Email receiving problems with no error
2 Days Ago 12:02 AM
by Junnun
Help Desk
Thunderbird wobbly
2 Days Ago 08:22 PM
by alananthony
Mozilla Thunderbird
3 Days Ago 12:14 PM
by foggy
Help Desk
e-mail full name listed
3 Days Ago 12:11 PM
by jacobs5
Help Desk
Deleting old emails
4 Days Ago 09:31 AM
by Geoff
Help Desk
Time that message were received
4 Days Ago 11:22 PM
by infojunkie
Help Desk
Deleting Emails that have been put in Deleted Messages Folder
4 Days Ago 11:01 PM
by Kittal
Help Desk
Help, my yahoo mail has a problem...
4 Days Ago 05:07 PM
by yakyad
Help Desk
Unknown, email,
5 Days Ago 01:05 PM
by popowich
Help Desk
At my wits end...
5 Days Ago 09:11 AM
by PittFanIAm
Help Desk
Do phone numbers and pictures transfer when upgrading a phone?
6 Days Ago 01:12 PM
by huskiesdogs
Help Desk
deleted emails
6 Days Ago 08:41 AM
by peviha
Mozilla Thunderbird
Aid4Mail - IMAP to PST Email Migration and Backups
Aug 30, 2014 - 10:47 AM - by popowich
popowich's Avatar I recently had a need to convert a 6GB IMAP mailbox to a PST file for use as a local backup that could be easily accessed when needed in Microsoft Outlook.

Normally I'd use IMAP Tools when working with IMAP mailboxes, but this task needed support for PST files which lead me to find ... [Read More]
0 Replies | 678 Views
Emailing Documents to your Kindle
Jun 17, 2014 - 10:55 AM - by Big Dan
Big Dan's Avatar Today, we're going to talk about getting data onto your Kindle easily. You don't always have a USB cable around to plug your Kindle into your computer. Did you know that you can also configure an email address that will receive documents and add them to your Kindle?

Email to Kindle makes sending files to your Kindle super easy. I use this feature to enable me to read software manuals and freebie ebooks on my Kindle. From time to time I'll even 'print' long articles as a PDF and... [Read More]
0 Replies | 1,885 Views
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