How to copy Gmail email from an old account to a new account


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Do you want to copy all of your email from an old Gmail account to a new Gmail account?

The standard import process for email and contacts can not be used for Gmail to Gmail account migrations:

"Mail and contacts cannot be imported from a account."

Instead, you must configure the original Gmail account to get checked as a POP3 account in the new Gmail settings.

First, click the Gear and then select Settings:

Gmail Settings.jpg

Next, click the tab for Accounts and Import:

Gmail accounts and import.jpg

Then scroll down and click the link for Add a POP3 mail account you own:

Gmail Add a pop3 mail account you own.jpg

Type in your old Gmail address and then click Next Step:

Gmail add a mail account you own.jpg

Last, type in your complete email address and password, check the box to leave a copy of messages in the old account, and optionally (but recommended!) check the box and create a label to tag email received by the old account:

Gmail Add POP3 Account.jpg

Big Dan

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I've used this method a couple of times and it works great. If you have a lot of mail in the source account it may take up to a day to pull all the mail into the new account unless you continually click the "Check Mail Now Button" under POP accounts in the target Gmail account.