How to copy email from Yahoo to Gmail


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The following are directions for copying email from a Yahoo account to a Gmail account.

With a small modification, knowing the target accounts IMAP settings, you can use these directions for moving email from Yahoo to any other email service provider that supports IMAP.

First, if you don't have a mail program already, download and install Mozilla Thunderbird.

Next, check your Gmail settings and enable IMAP:

Gmail Settings.JPG Gmail IMAP.JPG

Yahoo accounts have IMAP support by default. No settings need to be updated.

Next, add both email accounts in Thunderbird.

For both accounts use Tools -> Accounts -> Add Mail account to get the accounts added.

Thunderbird Tools Account Settings.JPG Thunderbird Add Mail Account.JPG

Both the Yahoo and Gmail account settings will be automatically detected and configured. The default selection for the accounts is POP3. When the settings are detected change the account from POP3 to IMAP:

Thunderbird IMAP Account.JPG

The settings for Yahoo Mail are -

After both your Yahoo and Gmail accounts are added you can begin copying your email.

To copy your email go to your Yahoo Inbox.

  • Click on your Yahoo Inbox
  • On your keyboard hit Control-A (to select all)
  • Right click on your Yahoo emails
  • Select Copy and then pick your Gmail account inbox
Copy email from Yahoo to Gmail.JPG

It is OK to copy the Yahoo email to any folder within your Gmail account instead of the inbox.

After your email is copied to Gmail please use this guide to enable automatic forwarding of new email from your Yahoo account to your Gmail account:

Yahoo members, please remember to login to your Yahoo account every couple of months or eventually your account will become suspended and eventually recycled. If it helps, use the Gmail calendar to create a recurring reminder to login to Yahoo.


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This is great! I wanted to move to Gmail but I did not want to give Google my Yahoo information. These directions keep me in control and my computer does the move instead of linking my new Gmail and old Yahoo accounts.