How do I get my Hotmail icon back?


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Until a couple of days ago, I used to have a Hotmail icon on the taskbar at the bottom of my computer screen. It was incredibly useful, as it brought up a page with all my different email accounts (one for family and friends, one for shopping, one for each hobby, one for work, etc) and was much better than logging on with

It might well be my fault that it's disappeared :innocent: as I needed to disinstall some files this weekend and I remember clicking on one with "sign in" or "hotmail" in the name, thinking it was a file I had created myself when Hotmail wouldn't let me use the icon unless I signed up for some social network, I think. Being antisocial, I didn't want to! But I've looked through the wpb and can't find a file name which rings any bells and I certainly haven't emptied it lately.

Is there any way I can get my icon back? Pleeeese?

Big Dan

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Are you using Windows 7? You can pin a link to Hotmail in Internet explorer so when you right click on the icon you can just select Hotmail.

You can right click on the Desktop select New > Shortcut and add the link there: Sign In but I'm not sure that's what you're looking for.


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Thank you for your answer, Big Dan.

I'm using Windows Vista; I put that in my original post, but when I asked to preview it, I was told that I wasn't signed in, although I was, and so I lost the whole post. Then I obviously forgot to mention which system I use when I re-wrote it :(

The Hotmail icon I'm talking about is the Windows Live Messenger icon of two figures in a square, one green and one blue, with a yellow ribbon around them. When I'm off-line, it has a red cross on it. Clicking on it brings up the attached picture where I currently have 10 hotmail addresses memorised - yes, they do need sorting out!

With Vista, it is on a taskbar at the bottom of the computer screen. I would go and look at the family PC, which has Windows XP, but it takes hours to get going :hammer: We did use to have the same icon on there, but I think it was on the main screen (desktop? I'm sorry, but I'm a total technophobe and don't even know the proper lingo) but that one disappeared a while ago, perhaps when Hotmail started their social networking campaign.

I do have some very good news for my computer.

After posting my message, I turned it off, didn't use it for a couple of days and found that, during its beauty sleep, it had regained its Hotmail icon :yay:

So that problem is solved - apart from where it went to :confused: However, having brought up the subject, it would be really great to find a way to get the same icon back for the family PC.


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