How do I get AVI support for my Windows Media Player?


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where can i find some help with windows media player
i had reset my computer back to factory defaults which means it formatted and reinstalled the OS and i reloaded my programs, 1 thing i had to do was download 'codecs' for the media player it plays mp3's, wmv's, mpg's, just fine however it won't play the avi's (has sound but no video) know anyone or anywhere i can look for help?
i'm kinda stumped never had this problem before, maybe just try a different 'codec' package?

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Re: How do I get AVI support form my Windows Media Player?


I believe I get my AVI support from QuickTime with the iTunes downloads, but if you would prefer to get AVI support for Windows Media Player this link appears to have the codes that you are looking for. Scroll about half way down the page and you will see the download links for AVI support

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Update to this post: I've read at a couple of reputable tech sites that codec packs as a whole are a bad idea because they change the default handlers to their own codecs instead of using what Windows already has and that can cause problems down the road.

That being said VLC Media Player is awesome and has been able to play any media file I've thrown at it without any codec packs installed. VLC media player - Open Source Multimedia Framework and Player


According to Microsoft Official Website, Windows Media Player does support playing AVI videos. If your Windows Media Player won't play AVI, two reasons cause the issue:

Reason one: Windows Media Player doesn't support the video codec in AVI file. AVI(Audio Video Interleaved) is a container format designed by Microsoft, used to wrap audio and video streams together. These audio and video streams can be compressed by various codec. During the days AVI format comes into being, WMP supports all video codecs that can be used in AVI file. After that, more and more new codecs, like Xvid, DivX, MPEG-4, are invented and used in AVI file, but WMP doesn't support them.

Reason Two: Your AVI files are corrupt. Play them on other players and devices to check if this is the reason.

To solve "Windows Media Player won't play AVI" issue, convert the AVI to a Windows Media Player compatible WMV, ASF, AVI, MPG file.


If the AVI files are not corrupt, the main reason may be the AVI video codec problem. If the AVI file was encoded with a non-Microsoft codec or with a codec not installed on your Windows, you will fail to play this kind of AVI video. For example, Fraps uses its own proprietary codec to encode its AVI movies which will not play in Windows Media Player.

How to Play AVI in Windows Media Player Successfully?

In order to solve can't play AVI in Windows Media Player issue, a recommended solution is to convert AVI to Windows Media Player more compatible AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG. iDealshare VideoGo is just the ideal AVI to Windows Media Player which can convert all kinds of AVI files to Windows Media Player supported video format.