Hotmail will not let me access my account even though I access it on my phone.

Janess Gibson

New Email
Hi new to this site so bear with me.

I have a long term Hotmail account which I use frequently on my phone. Recently I tried to log in on my laptop but couldn't remember my password so went through the process to reset. The phone number I didn't have anymore and the me,or able word "my favourite nephew" when asked didn't recognise the name I was putting in as accurate.
I then went through the elongated process of telling hotmail recent subjects I had emailed and recent recipients etc. They came back to me and said not valid.
I opened a gmail email and used that and wasn't worried as I accessed on my phone. It was more inconvenient then anything.
A friend suggested to me to send her some emails with the subject box outlining the issues. I placed several emails which she returned to ,e stating in the subject. "Please hotmail reset my email, I can access them on my phone. If you send the reset link to the actual account I can reset it as I can access it." This is in the subject. Still they said no.
I guess now I am buying a new phone I may will lose my account forever which is a shame as I prefer this email address.
Is there any direct number, or direct email where I can ask them to rest it in the actual accent so they know it's legit.