Hotmail doesn't let me get facebook messages


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I reset my facebook password and usually the message for confirmation goes straight to my junk folder in hotmail. I didn't mark it as "Not Junk" and now the clever filtering thing has blocked all messages from the facebook reset password sender and now i need to reset my password but the confirmation email isn't coming through my hotmail! I've already marked and as safe senders so they should be able to send me mail, but nothing is coming through every time i reset my passwrd! What do i do?:confused:


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Configure the secondary email address in your Facebook account to another email provider such as Gmail and have Facebook send the confirmation to that email address.

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hello, i have the same problem as the person below except that i no longer have access to my facebook account after i got hacked so i can't really configure a secondary email.

my msn got hacked as well but i was able to retrieve it through windows live customer support..

after i retrieved it, i tried resetting my password many times but facebook isn't sending me anything anymore. not even notification emails. i think the hacker may have marked facebook as spam.
my facebook login email is still the same though as i was able to identify it..

what can i do so i can retrieve facebook emails again??