Hotmail on IE Problems


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I upgraded IE on my PC about 2 or 3 weeks ago since I kept getting error messages and IE would lock up. I had to download and install it at least 3 times for it to work.I have Windows 7. For the past few days I am unable to open or send messages from my Hotmail account if using IE. I can do both if I use Chrome on my PC and I can do both from my iPhone and iPad. I don't like Chrome and I can do more things in Hotmail on my PC. What can I do to fix my Hotmail?


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If you don't like using Chrome have you tried Firefox ? It works well with Hotmail.
I've seen a lot of complaints about Hotmail not working with IE lately, especially with sending email and/or deleting.
It seems they've updated their mail system recently with Windows 8 users in mind, but seem to have brushed aside users of older OS's, including their own.