hotmail keyboard shortcuts

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To do this - Press this

Delete a message - Delete
Create a new message - Ctrl+N
Send a message - Ctrl+Enter
Open a message - Ctrl+Shift+O
Print a message - Ctrl+Shift+P
Reply to a message - Ctrl+R
Reply all to a message - Ctrl+Shift+R
Forward a message - Ctrl+Shift+F
Save a draft message - Ctrl+S
Flag a message for follow up - L
Mark a message as junk - Ctrl+Shift+J
Mark a message as read - Ctrl+O
Mark a message as unread - Ctrl+U
Move to a folder - Ctrl+Shift+V
Open the next message - Ctrl+.
Open the previous message - Ctrl+,
Close a message - Esc
Search your e‑mail messages - /
Check spelling - F7
Select all - S then A
Deselect all - S then N
Go to the inbox - F then I
Go to your Drafts folder - F then D
Go to your Sent folder - F then S