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I made a American hotmail account in order to use some American microsoft points I received as a christmas present many years ago. However I have forgotten the password and need it to access the account on my new xbox (RROD on previous one) I have tried to recover the account on hotmail, but entered the incorrect security question too many times. I think I have the correct answer and have been waited 4-5 weeks but it still says that I have entered the incorrect answer too many times. I cannot send a recovery form to the hotmail team because I have not used the e-mail address for any correspondence. It was only made in order to create an American xbox live account in order to spend microsoft points I received. I have also forgotten the details of the account, so it will appear that I am not related to the account. Is there anything that can be done for me to access the account again? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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thanks for the response :)
unfortunately none of these work.
I can't remember my password and any attempts now
tell me that I've tried too many times. Likewise with the
security question. I'm relatively sure that I now know what
my security question answer is, but due to entering it wrong
too many times it won't let me try again. I've left it to refresh
for almost 5 weeks and it still says that I've tried too many times
and to try again later.

I also can't do the account validation because I am English
and was given some microsoft points for christmas, but we didn't
realise that they were NTSC, so I made the account I'm trying to
access in order to use these points. I have never used the e-mail
address, as an e-mail system. It is simply an account to provide
the Xbox Live account. Therefore I can't provide any information
about messages sent from the account, or any messages in it (as
I never checked it). Furthermore I can't remember if I used my own
name, I've tried with my own but no luck.

Are there any other processes that can be completed, apart from calling
because I live in Dubai. It would cause quite an impressive phone bill! :p

Thanks a lot!