Hotmail automatically deletes emails, then resets my blocked sender list


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While trying to block the 100 or so spam emails in my junk folder I encountered a problem. I selected all the spam emails then pressed block sender. Afterwards 2 of the emails I had tried to block remained, so I re-selected the two of them and pressed block again only to have my entire junk folder immediately empty. Nothing important was lost, but I feel like this is a problem I should correct as soon as possible.

Afterwards I checked my blocked sender list to see if I had accidentally blocked the entire folder. At first my sender list was full of domains and addresses, and I decided to close it and google the problem (To which I found no results) upon re-opening my blocked senders list, I found it to have been completely reset. I even tested to see if it was just loading slowly by adding a fake email. Now my blocked senders list is comprised of only a single fake email.

Has this happened to anyone else?


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This has not happened to me. Why are you trying to block addresses that were correctly delivered to your junk folder? The last time I checked there was a limit of 500 entries allowed in Hotmail's blocked senders list. I wouldn't waste them on addresses that are already going to spam and save them for spam that makes it to your inbox.