How to automatically forward your Windows Live Hotmail

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Update! The current directions are in Post #6 -


The new version of Windows Live Hotmail lets you automatically forward your e-mail to an alternate e-mail address.

To configure your account to forward e-mail to another address:

  • Go to the top right of your inbox and select More Options from the Options menu
Hotmail - More Options.JPG

  • Under Manage Your Account select Forward mail to another e-mail account
Hotmail - Forward mail to another email account.JPG

  • Select the radio button for Forward your e-mail to another account, type the forwarding address in the box, and when you are done click the Save button on the far right of the screen
Hotmail - Forwarding.JPG

If you have any questions about Windows Live Hotmail please start a new thread in our Windows Live Hotmail Support Forums.​


New Email
When you set up the automatic forward option in Hotmail, there's no option to save a copy of the message on that account (though apparently there used to be a check-box for that, on a site I was browsing).

Is there any way to make an account both forward and save emails?

I ask because I have a few accounts and it's far easier to forward everything to one account, link them all together, then 'reply as' the appropriate person, but this has the unfortunate downside of sending the email 'on behalf of' the chosen account rather than 'from' ...

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Automatic email forwarding from Hotmail is supported now.

Go to the Gear and click More Mail Settings:

Outlook settings.JPG

Next, click the link for Email Forwarding:

Hotmail Forwarding.JPG

Then turn on email forwarding and type in the forwarding address:

Hotmail forward email to another mail account.JPG

When you are done, click Save.