Gmail account stopped working on Apple Mail 4.1


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I have multiple gmail accounts running through my Mail 4.1. One has stopped working siting password problems. After several attempts to fix it I removed it and reinstalled it. It still will not accept it. I was able to add a different gmail account and have no problems accessing the account directly through gmail sign in.
Needless to say I am completely perplexed.

Any ideas??


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Now after having my computer off for the night I tried again to reinstall the gmail account. I used the exact same procedure I used yesterday but today it worked on first try.
I'm glad it is back but what happened and why does it work now and did not before? I would appreciate any thoughts or explanations?

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I'm glad to hear that the problem fixed itself.

Everyone has their little problems, downtime, migrations, etc.

Who knows, maybe you were being moved to a new server pool or there was only a problem with some of their accounts last night.



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Thank you popowich. I'm still learning and sometimes it seems computers do strange things, in my eyes at least. But I figure there is always a reason and I'd like to know them.