cant add existing gmail IMAP account to newly installed TB


New Email
when TB was 1st installed without asking it found her gmail IMAP account, then gave the attached screen shot error everytime it tried to access the server.

I deleted the imap folder in TB, rebooted, then in TB tools...add mail account...entered her name, email address, pswd and click continue...Click Done and google screen comes up with user email address, then enter pswd and click next. Nothing happens. See 2nd attached screen shot. it just stays there....I close this and open this same email account using the google web interface to double check Im using the correct account name and pswd. I am. So try it again a few times and it keeps sticking on that second screen shot. Even did a reboot and tried again the next day. No luck.

During TB set up it looked for and imported the old pop3 emails from her still installed outlook express. That should not matter, but Im mentioning it here. This is also a rather old xp laptop. Win updates were turned off, but before all this I turned them on and got all updates and now it says in properties sp3. defragged the HDD, checked the AV was up to date.

So, then I go to my win7 desktop which has 2 existing imap accounts on it and I try and add her imap account that failed above. I was successful in adding it and can see her gmail account emails. So, it locks up when trying to connect to the server on her laptop, but not on my win7 desktop.

screen shots Imgur