Gmail Account Recovery

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Few things are worse on the internet than losing access to your email account.

Take a moment to protect yourself and make sure your Gmail alternate email address, mobile phone number, and custom question/answer (make your own!) are up to date!

Sign in - Google Accounts

You will need to verify your login and password to access Google's account recovery details page.

If you already lost access to your account please try the steps in the following guide:

How to recover a lost Gmail password | Email Questions
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Hello My Name is John Steel, last month my gmail account was hacked by some hacker's in Canada, when I search for help i found a toll free number {scam number} and I just call those people who was a third party tech support provider for Gmail. Those guys help me a lot with recovery of my gmail password and also they remove all the automatic robot from my computer and now all working fine, but I have to pay them few $ for this service. I need to know is there is any other way to recover gmail password for free? If yes please provide me the resources or post those in this forum to help every one who suffer from those hacking issue.