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I am trying to set up a forwarding system that forwards an e-mail if another e-mail has not arrived. an example would be I write an e-mail saying Hi to my friend. if I don't send another e-mail saying "How are you" it will forward the first message to another e-mail account. This is trying to help with an alert system I have at work. I receive an e-mail stating a connection timed out but then 1 min. later it sayes its ok. I am trying to eliminate the need to receive these e-mails if it is just going to recover so quickly. Any suggestions? does anyone know of a service or a way I can accomplish this? Thank you

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This is an issue with the configuration of the monitoring system that you are using and not an email issue.

What software are you using for monitoring?

For systems monitoring I like to use Spong. It's old, but I like it.

A newer alternative that many admins seem to like is Nagios,

Can you configure the motoring so the checks need to fail x times over y minutes before generating an alert to your email and/or pager email addresses?

I've found that not alerting until 3 failed checks happen within 5 minutes works well for me.

Brief downtime due to network blips and other unexplained phenomenon will not cause you to be alerted. :)



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Yes we are currently using Nagios. I will have to look into adjusting some of those settings. Thank you so much!