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Any advice/help re: an email issue I have would be much appreciated.

I have a Blueyonder email address which now operates under the Virgin umbrella.

I want to leave Virgin (I have an expensive phone/tv/broadband contract with them) but have been told that if I do leave then my email address will be deleted.

Is is possible to set up a Hotmail (or similar) address so that all mail from the Blueyonder account is forwarded to my new email address, even though it will be 'closed'?

Thanks in advance!

- S

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Hi sveinc,

According to Virgin Media online chat, when you cancel your service your email account is automatically closed.

Before canceling your service please make sure to download all of your email from their servers.

The online chat could not confirm about the possibility of a forward. Please call their technical support to ask that question and let everyone know if they were able to set you up with the forward.

I'm curious since most ISP's won't offer the forward and your email address get recycled after you cancel service with them.