Fix Hotmail wrong alternative email


New Email
-sorry for bad english-

I have hotmail account , i want to change my alternative email. because i insert wrong alternative account when many years ago. i just realized just now. but when i want to change my alternative email on account setting > security & password. the page change to diffrent page :

Did you request a security info change?
Someone started a process to replace the security info for

i click yes , it was me

the page come out :

We're not ready for you yet
Your 30-day waiting period ends on 9/6/2014. Until then, you won't be able to sign in to your account unless you've found your security info.
y****** (my wrong alternative account)

if i click i have a code >

Since you're trying to access sensitive info, you need to use a security code to verify your account. How would you like to receive your code?

there's only my wrong alternative email

To verify that this is your email address, enter it below and click "Next" to receive your code.

and i haven't the code

help me please......