How to fix layout problems when viewing the new MSN Live Hotmail with Seamonkey

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Here are the steps required to view the new Hotmail with the SeaMonkey web browser.

First, from your SeaMonkey web browser go to this link and install the user agent switching plugin :

After installing the plugin you will need to restart your SeaMonkey.

You may need to restart your web browser twice and/or reboot your computer.

After installing the user agent plugin switch to Internet Explorer 7 mode :
SeaMonkey Hotmail.JPG
  • Go to the Tools menu
  • Select Default User Agent
  • Select Internet Explorer
  • Click Internet Explorer 7
Go to the Hotmail login page at and login to your MSN Live Hotmail account.

Both the login page and your MSN Live Hotmail account should display correctly in your SeaMonkey web browser now.

For additional help with the new Hotmail please visit our MSN Live Hotmail support forum.