failed delivery notice on email addresses that have been used many times


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Hi! I hope someone can help me. Yesterday I sent a message to an address I have been using for many years and no matter what I did (adding it to the safe list, changing the info in the contacts list), I still kept getting a delivery failure
notice. At one point there was a message saying the email address didn't pass the fraud detector! I don't know what to do and I am in the middle of a big project and need to send messages to this particular address.

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Can you copy and paste the complete bounce message into a reply?

We can give you the best help if we can see the servers involved and the complete error message.
Hello popowich.

I get sporadic rejection notices, recent pasted below, I am using Yahoo through ATT, message says code 554 and 120-suspected phishing I believe. Sometimes rejected from one receiver at a company while others go through. Is this on my end or receivers? Anything I can do?Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

Remote host said:
554 Message not allowed - [PH01] Email not accepted for policy reasons. Please visit [120] [BODY]