embarrassed loser of address book


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Hello, one peeved and embarrassed person here. Very recently a good friend asked me to fix his ailing computer (XP). As a precaution - in this case justified, I copied his and his wifes My Documents folders over to my own external drive, and all the .dbx's, and the current ( I thought) address book which had a size of about 281kb. Fine.... I had all their docs, pics and music safely tucked away and if I had to restore the system (which I did), nothing would be lost.

Once the system was back on, I replaced all the mailboxes and imported the address book, and everything looked tickety-boo ( as they say). Well it isn't. He isn't grumbling at me (which makes me feel worse), but apparently, the address book I put on - which I might add was the only one I found apart from the blank in the Outlook Express folder in Program Files - resembles the one he put on there from the previous computer when he got this machine back in 2006. It has plenty of addresses from 2006 and before, but nothing for the later years.

I can't understand what has happened. I have looked in the folders on my external drive, which include everything I rescued from his drive before restoring, and that address book is the only one there. What did I do wrong? Was there a more current one elsewhere, and if so - where?! I can't bring his back, but I can try not to do the same thing to someone else... :(