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The new charting I have will send emails to me when a price I have marked is hit, BUT I have to fill the detais in???
1st line = SENDER - email address
2nd line =recipients - email addresses:;someone
3rd SMPT server name or IP address-------------port 25
4th SMPT server authentication data - (user name - password)

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Is the new charting software running on your server/computer with a Virgin Media internet connection?

1) It's probably best to use your virgin media address but your UK Hotmail address might work too

2) Use the email address(es) where you want to receive the emails

3) Your internet connection appears to be Virgin Media, their outgoing server is (port 465)

4) Your full virgin media email address and password

If you need additional assistance with your Virgin Media email account please see this contact information - Contact us - Virgin Media

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