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I've learnt over the last few days that my emails are not being received by clients with hotmail accounts. Everything was working fine until a few days ago a few people began mentioning that they weren't getting emails from me.

It seems to be working fine when I send to gmail (although there is a 5 min delay in receiving the email, which never used to happen before).

The emails are being sent from my business email My web hosting provider is go daddy and have been no help at all. All they did was ensure me that it had nothing to do with them!

Any help would be really appreciated!



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Hi Mark,

This seems to be an increasing problem lately with Godaddy. Their outgoing server has a bad reputation and is getting dropped/blocked by some other large email services including Hotmail / Outlook etc.

Here are a couple of the recent discussions:

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Can you reply with the current Sender Score for the outgoing Godaddy IP address listed in the full email headers of the email that made it to your Gmail?

With that info I'll help get an abuse ticket started and response from Godaddy.
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Give your mail ip to outlook for white list

That sometimes works if you have your own mail server with a dedicated IP address that has a good reputation.

When they taken an action, Microsoft puts a mitigation in place that causes the rejections & missing email to stop happening. It's not a whitelist.

Microsoft is not going to whitelist the Godaddy ISP shared relays that are actively spamming. That's the problem within at least some of these discussions.