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Why can not send emails Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc through PHP newsletter. Mail seems to send (no error message and PHPlist reports it was sent successfully) but recipients never get it and it doesn't show up in statistics. But it works fine when i sent a mail to the same domain (like where i installed the PHPlist.

If you type a gmail/yahoo email in the subscription, then you will not get any mails even confirmation mail.

I have tried many PHP newsletter scripts but i can not sent emails to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. It works only with the same domain (like

Is there anything to do with settings from the control panel.



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How does the php script send email? Does it use the MTA on your web server? Is it configured to send via smtp through a configured SMTP relay? Does it do an MX lookup and try to send direct to the other providers? Figure out how it's sending, or what settings you web host prefers that you use for sending outgoing email, and then if there are still problems check the mail logs associated with your method of sending email.