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• Free 30-day trial, monthly plans and pay-as-you go option
• Free emailing for up to 5’000 subscribers gathered via sign-up forms
• Web sign-up forms, online surveys, behavioral segmentation
• Mobile, SMS, and social media marketing integration
• Lifecycle email marketing, autoresponders and API
• Drag’n’Drop email editor and WYSIWYG editor
• Hosted file attachments up to 10 MB
• Device, browser, geo location reporting & detailed analytics
• 24/7 support via email, phone, and online chat
• Blog, newsletters, knowledge base, and resource center


• No A/B split testing
• No SMS autoresponders

Creating an Account

You can easily sign up for Mailigen in a minute and access all features. No credit card information is needed. After a 30-day trial account you can choose between a monthly plan and a pay-as-you-go option depending on your sending regularity. If you are a beginner in email marketing, you can benefit from a Mailigen Epic Free Account that allows free emailing for up to 5’000 subscribers if gathered via Mailigen web sign-up forms.

Manage and Segment Your List

Mailigen allows email marketing only with opt-in email lists. If you already have a contact list, upload your file in the Mailigen system or copy the data from Excel. Duplicates will be automatically deleted from the list. Afterwards, if you have new contacts, you can easily add them to your list without the necessity to create a new one.

Although you can create unlimited amount of email lists in Mailigen, it’s better to manage one email list and use segmentation in order to target specific groups:

• Split your database into segments by age, gender, location, interests and other criteria using the data from sign-up forms, profile update forms and online surveys

• Choose one or several email lists and gather your contacts in groups whether they have opened or clicked before or after a certain date, or within a set period of time, in order to treat differently active and inactive contacts

• Select an email campaign and segment by activity whether your email was opened, clicked or delivered in order to resend to those who haven’t read it or prepare corresponding follow-up emails to those who have clicked on specific links

If you are a newbie and don’t have a contact list, build it using free web sign-up forms that you can put in your website, blog, Facebook and other social media.

Prepare Email Campaigns

Mailigen offers two email editors. Drag and Drop editor will be the best choice if you want to create an email template by yourself. If you want to upload your own template design, choose WYSIWYG editor. You can also order a custom email template design at Mailigen Email Template Factory or choose between ready-to-use templates in the template gallery.

In Mailigen, you can create an email campaign in 5 simple steps.

  1. In the first step ‘Preferences’, you have to insert campaign title, subject line from name and from email address, reply address, specify merge tags for recipient name, select tracking preferences, campaign type, social sharing preferences and set other preferences
  2. In the second step ‘Select Recipients’, you have to click on lists or specific segments to whom you want to send your email campaign
  3. In the third step ‘Choose Design’, you have to choose between ready-to-use templates, import your own template or create your own template.
  4. In the fourth step ‘Create Newsletter’, your email template will automatically appear in the HTML body. You can upload images in it, write content or change it as you wish.
  5. In the fifth step ‘Send it’, you can send your prepared campaign immediately or schedule it for a specific time.
Mailigen offers email marketing automation by sending autoresponders, RSS-to-email campaigns or emails based on XML.

Reports and Analytics

Mailigen offers all the standard statistics like email open rate, click-through rate, bounces, forwards, unsubscribes as well as advanced statistics:

- Device reporting shows how many of contacts have opened and clicked your emails on desktop and mobile devices
- Browser reporting tells which browsers are used to open and click your emails
- Geo location reporting reveals countries your recipients come from Mailigen integration with Google Analytics allows you to track conversions and calculate return on invest.

All reports may be exported to XML or PDF.

Text Messaging and Online Surveys

Mailigen offers a range of integrated marketing solutions: email marketing, social media integration, mobile marketing, SMS, and online surveys.

Mailigen online surveys offer:

  • survey integration in your email campaigns and auto responders
  • online survey response storage in your database
  • segmentation according to responses to send personalized emails
  • detailed statistics on individuals and overall
  • ready-to-use templates for your online surveys
  • ability to create and customize your own survey template

Mailigen SMS offers:

  • registration of a unique sender name
  • ability to send SMS to more than 200 countries and territories
  • sign-up forms for SMS list building
  • segmentation of your SMS list
  • URL shortening, click tracking and in-depth statistics
  • integration with Google Analytics, CRM, and email marketing strategy


Mailigen integrated marketing platform offers email marketing, social media marketing, mobile and SMS marketing, online surveys, segmentation by activity, series of autoresponders, emails based on XML and RSS, dynamic content, in-depth reports and other features to help you build loyal long-term relationship with your customers.
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