email / Domain problem


New Email
I own the domain name and have site email as (code used for addresses)

Have just got business cards printed out with the wrong email!!! (
(missing the 'ltd') Extremely stupid I know! site is already owned, so can't just purchase this aswell.
but the email ( does not exist

Is there ANYWAY at all I can have this email, without owning the domain?

Any help would be much appreciated as I have 1000 cards printed, and potentialy $565 down the drain.

Thank you

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You'd be able to send as it but not receive, which won't do you much good.

You can try sending an email to the registered admin contact for asking for them to create a forward.

It's possible they might be nice enough to forward to

If they do it keep in mind they'd also be able to keep a copy of any emails passing through the forward to you.

Good luck, and :welcome: to Email Questions!