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i have a friend who has a similar dbl email problem and have found no answer for them here's the scenario:
they send an email from work via gmail when they return home and open their gmail it has sent the email to their inbox as well (only on the home pc not @ work) we've tried several things to narrow down why it's happening it seems to be the 1 pc it doesn't happen on any other, have any ideas?

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Are they using the webmail interface or a desktop mail client with gmail setup for pop (imap?) and smtp for sending out through the gmail servers? Whichever is being used for sending, the gmail webmail or a desktop mail client, please check it for filters and other messaging rules that would automatically be sending a copy with CC or BCC to themselves. Is it possible there is some other software involved such as a desktop virus scanner that could be sending a copy after scanning? I'm not sure if that's a common feature but it's possible. The "keep a copy" of email messages policy happens sometimes within corporate so I'm adding that as an option since you mentioned it only seems to be happening when they are checking their email from their work computer.

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If they're sending the email to themselves and Gmail has the address on file as an additional address for send mail as it will appear in their inbox.