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debora Mara

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hi there...
I am receiving between two and four of the same email...spread over a month....
fortunately the duplicates have the original date on them...So i am at least able to recognize that i have already seen and answered these emails.

It is not my laptop causing the problem...because the same issue in on my hotmail account matter where i open it...IE....some one else's computer!!

Any help it this matter would be greatly appreciated:


Debbie :)

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Hi Debbie,

Sometimes email programs become confused and create duplicate emails.

Examples include server migrations, restoring a mailbox from backups, a message that is stuck a resending from an smtp relay or senders outbox, and slow anti virus software on your own computer.

If you are using POP3 try switching to IMAP.

IMAP works more like a sync than a download and that could help work around the duplicate email problem.

If you can copy & paste the full email headers from some of the duplicate emails we can help you figure out where they are getting duplicated.

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