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How do I stop duplicate or triplicate copies of some of my incoming mail appearing? I use RR. mail in Windows Live mail 2011.

also, when I boot up to my mail program, incoming mail doesn't automatically load anymore. I have to find and press the incoming and outgoing mail button to see the latest mail. These problems only started a couple of weeks ago,before that it all worked fine.

I have tried system restore twice but I still have the above problems.

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Hi Stan,

The problem could be caused by timeouts near the end of you downloading the email.

Try increasing the pop3 server timeout in your mail server settings. The server timeout can be increased under Accounts -> Properties -> Advanced.

If that doesn't work try turning off your virus scanning software for 5 minutes and see if that fixes the problem. Don't leave it off permanently! We're just checking if the AV software is where the source of the problem is so that it can be troubleshooted further if needed.

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I did as you suggested with the time adjustment, but it doesn't appear to have worked. I cannot shut off my AVG program to try that, also incoming mail does not show until I click on the receiving or sending button in the menu bar. It used to load by itself when I turned on Window Mail.