Credit card needed to access hotmail account (COPPA)


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i cannot open my hotmail is because the issue is hotmail asked me that if your parents can allow you than you access your id and my parents are allowing me to open my id but the thing is they dont have any visa, master card or american express. And im an adult and i have loads of important data in that id. If someone can help me to get back my id. PLEASE !!!!

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If you have the wrong age in your account there is probably nothing you can do. You can try having your parents ask a friend if they can use their credit card to unlock your account. Here is more information on the process for confirming accounts for children under the age of 18:

To confirm that you are an adult as defined by the FTC's children's privacy rules, you are asked to provide a valid credit card number. This step is required to verify your age only. Your credit card is not charged any amount. As soon as your credit card information is verified, Windows Live discards your credit card number. During the verification process, a temporary $1 hold is placed on your credit card account. The $1 hold is not a charge, and it is removed from your account according to your credit card issuer's policy.

Once a child becomes older than the age required by the United States Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), that child will no longer be listed in your Manage your child's account area.


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thanks for your relpy sir but i dont have any credit card or even parents dont have it.
thats the problem. Well actually the happened because i was changing my password. Sir
if you can help me please im sure you have a credit card and as you told that your not gona charge any money,that would be good for me because my contacts my data all gone. You are the one who can help me now my id is .... please please please


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my hotmail id is now_never1@hotmail, can you unlock my hotmail account please !!!!
help me please ..........